The helmet was used by ancient and medieval peoples to protect the soldiers their heads.

The helmets were bronze and often had the top crest of horse tail. Over the years, the plans changed.

The oldest type of Greek helmet had a helmet with many pieces and crest. It was used until the 7th century. B.C. The Corinthian was simpler. Evolution of these types were Illyrian. The mainly Corinthian helmet evolved ears to hear the soldiers in battle. The Chalkidoniki leave not only the ears and lips freely. Between 5th to 2nd century. BC, being used the Thracian helmet. He had high top forward and protects cheeks.

Weight (gr) Weigth (lb) Height (cm) Height (in) Length (cm) Length (in)
3350.0 7 lb 6.167 oz 43.0 16.5 22.0 8.5