In conversations with friends and various meetings with people who are interested in the subject of my work, their most common questions are:

What is casting?

So, I want to write a few words as simply as I can to answer your questions and introduce you as much as possible, to the magic world of creating an object by the method of casting.

For the record, the first foundries were found in the area of Mesopotamia and date back 5.500 B.C.

Later, the technique of casting developed by Chinese and Indians. After it came in Europe, where first the ancient Greeks perfected it giving us all these amazing works of art, which are now in museums around the world.

What then is the casting?

In very simple terms, is the process by which a fluid material, (no need to be a metal), controlled, leading to a particular area which have been formatted so that when the fluid material thickens to take the form we want.

The first castings was open-ended. The molten metal entering a mold (were ceramic) where from the top side the material was visible. This is the easiest form of casting.

Then the mold was closed type, (the liquid metal entering a closed from all sides) this result gives more details on the final product.

Finally, the casting today has too many techniques, in terms of the process, the method, and the materials we use.

But we will deal with them another time.

For all your questions, please contact me.