About the metal and its utility!

1) Historical data of metal

The discovery of metal was made, according to scientists, before about 7500 years at Mesopotamia region.

The reason of discovering there is that: it is the only place on our planet where can be found at the same place both of the metals (copper + tin) that make up the bronze!

The Minoans were among the first people of the West, who initiated the art of construction and use of the bronze as it seems by archaeological excavations and exhibits in museums of our island!

2) Construction of bronze statues by the oldest casting method in the world!

  1. Idea
  2. Design in paper
  3. Manufacture template or model of a ductile material, e.g. wood, clay, wax, soft stone, etc.
  4. Mold construction with the help of the model.
  5. Casting mold with melted bronze (1150 degrees of Celsius)
  6. Opening the mold
  7. Start treatment ... cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing, coloring, varnishing, mounting on base!
  8. Packaging, placement at points of sale!